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Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection


The “Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection” is a refined tribute to the traditional Emirati messengers known as “Al Taresh.” This luxurious light brown box with a pearly shine and a convenient drawer-style design is ideal for presenting a selection of Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates. Perfect for any occasion, this box embodies heritage and elegance, making it a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

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Introducing the “Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection,” a sophisticated and culturally rich gift box inspired by the traditional messengers of the UAE, known as “Al Taresh.” This collection features a light brown box with a pearly shine, reminiscent of the sands of the Arabian desert. The drawer-style design not only adds a touch of modern practicality but also reflects the deep-rooted traditions of Emirati culture.

In the past, Al Taresh were the trusted couriers who carried important messages, poems, and items across distances, serving as the lifeline of communication. They were known for their eloquence, integrity, and reliability, attributes that are deeply respected in Emirati society. The Al Taresh Drawer Box is designed to honor this essential tradition, making it a perfect choice for gifting.

The box opens to reveal a delightful assortment of Emirati treats, including Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, and Chocolate Dates. Each variant offers a unique taste experience, from the natural sweetness of plain dates to the indulgent fusion of flavors in stuffed and chocolate dates. This box is not merely a container but a symbol of trust, communication, and cultural heritage.

Perfect for any special occasion, the Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection is a versatile gift that reflects the giver’s appreciation for tradition and quality. It is a thoughtful way to share a piece of Emirati culture with friends, family, or colleagues, ensuring that every recipient feels valued and cherished.

Meaning of the Name: Al Taresh refers to the traditional messengers who played a crucial role in communication within the UAE and the Gulf region. These individuals were entrusted with carrying important verbal and written messages, poems, and items across distances. They were known for their reliability, eloquence, and integrity. In Emirati culture, Al Taresh were seen as bearers of good news, and their role was celebrated in poetry and folklore. Today, the term evokes a sense of trust and cultural pride, making it a fitting name for a gift box that carries the rich flavors and heritage of the UAE.

This drawer-style box, with its elegant design and practical functionality, is a modern tribute to the trusted messengers of the past. It serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and the timeless values of trust and integrity. The Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection is a perfect embodiment of these ideals, offering a luxurious and meaningful way to share the finest Emirati dates and treats.

Box size and capacity

Medium: Box size: 24x17x10CM. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 930 g , Choco Dates: 1.29 kg Stuffed Dates: 1.1 kg

Large: Box size: 30x22x10CM. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 1.9 kg, Choco Dates: 2.55 kg, Stuffed Dates: 2.1 kg


Net Weight: 900g – 2.1kg
Price Excludes VAT

Additional information

Box Content

Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

Box Size

Large, Medium

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Al Taresh Drawer Box Collection


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