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  • Al Ward Wooden Box AED190.00AED415.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    The “Al Ward Wooden Box” is a luxurious embodiment of Arabian heritage, inspired by the ancient Arabian horse. This heavy wooden box features a colorful, patterned design influenced by traditional horse accessories, blending historical artistry with modern elegance. Perfect for home, work, or as a sophisticated gift option, it’s a versatile and stunning piece that adds a touch of Arabian culture to any setting. This durable and beautifully crafted box is ideal for those who cherish luxury and tradition in their everyday lives.

  • Aurora Tray AED465.00

    The “Aurora Tray” is an embodiment of artistry and luxury, beautifully presenting premium Stuffed Dates alongside indulgent Chocolate Dipped Dates. Inspired by the magical aurora lights, its exquisite design and careful attention to detail make it more than just a culinary delight; it’s a visual masterpiece. Ideal for special occasions or as a sophisticated gift, the Aurora Tray is a testament to refined tastes, offering a unique and memorable experience that combines gourmet flavors with aesthetic beauty.

  • Calligraphic Allure Collection AED70.00AED265.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    The Calligraphic Allure Collection is a luxurious embodiment of UAE culture, featuring a beautifully designed box with gold-foiled Arabic calligraphy on a rustic, light maroon background. Inside, indulge in a variety of dates, including plain, stuffed, and chocolate-coated, each offering a unique taste and health benefits. This collection is not just a culinary delight but a tribute to the rich Emirati heritage, perfect for those who appreciate luxury, tradition, and wellness.

  • Date Dibs-285ml AED40.00

    The Date Room’s Date Dibs, in a 285ml elegant tall glass bottle, offers both luxury and health benefits. Made from pure, freshly filtered high-quality dates, this product retains natural goodness and flavor. It’s known for its cold remedies, digestive aid, and potential to reduce diabetes risk. Perfect for those seeking a natural, healthful addition to their diet with a touch of sophistication.

  • Drawer Box AED450.00AED1,195.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    Discover the luxury of our “Emirati Dates in Drawer Box,” where elegance meets tradition. This drawer-style box, with its exquisite leather texture, unveils layers of Grade A Emirati dates, each a symbol of UAE’s rich heritage and natural bounty. Not only a delight to the senses but also a boost of nutrition, these dates are perfect for those who cherish health and luxury. Ideal for gifting, this product encapsulates the essence of UAE culture in a sophisticated and tasteful manner.

  • Ramadan Golden Oasis Collection AED75.00AED235.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    Discover the splendor of Ramadan with The Golden Oasis Collection, where the golden glow of tradition meets the allure of modern festivity. Available in Large, Medium, and sleek Rectangular sizes, this collection is a celebration of the holy month in every sense. Each box shines in golden brilliance, beckoning with Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates that promise a sensory delight. The Stuffed Dates offer a tapestry of flavors, while the Chocolate Dipped Dates are a nod to the luxury of the season. This collection is an invitation to a unique Ramadan experience, offering a slice of the desert’s golden beauty and the festive bounty of iftar.

  • Ramadan Night Fall Collection AED70.00AED240.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    The Night Fall Collection encapsulates the essence of Ramadan nights with its stunning array of colors and flavors. The Large box is a vision in royal purple, the Medium in serene dark blue, and the Rectangular in delicate pink, each evoking the peace and splendor of the night. Inside, a treasure of Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates awaits, ready to delight the palate with a blend of tradition and luxury. The Night Fall Collection is a perfect companion to the reflective and festive nights of the holy month, inviting you to savor the flavor and the moment.

  • Rose Water AED40.00

    The Date Room’s premium Rose Water, housed in an elegant bottle, is a versatile culinary delight perfect for enhancing cocktails, desserts, and various dishes. Distilled from fresh, fragrant roses, it offers a luxurious and subtle floral flavor, adding a touch of sophistication to your cooking and baking endeavors. Ideal for those seeking to infuse their creations with a unique and exquisite taste, this Rose Water is a testament to culinary finesse and elegance.

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  • Small Glass Tray AED300.00

    The “Small Glass Tray” is a masterpiece of elegance and functionality, designed to elegantly display a selection of the finest plain and stuffed dates. Its clear glass design and sophisticated lid not only enhance the presentation but also preserve the quality of the dates. Perfect for serving at special occasions or as a thoughtful gift, this tray embodies luxury and the rich culinary heritage of the UAE. It’s an ideal choice for those who value beauty, taste, and tradition in a single, exquisite package.

  • The Bedouin Legacy Box AED95.00AED225.00
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates
    Chocolate Dipped DatesDatesStuffed Dates

    The Bedouin Legacy Box is a luxurious homage to UAE’s rich heritage, featuring an elegant design inspired by Sadu patterns in black and maroon. Its unique drawer-like structure opens to reveal a selection of premium dates, stuffed dates, and chocolate dates, each rich in nutrients and flavor. This collection is more than just a culinary delight; it’s a journey into the heart of the Bedouin spirit, perfect for those who cherish tradition, health, and refined taste.

  • The Classic Hamper AED550.00

    “The Classic Hamper” from The Date Room is a testament to elegance and culinary excellence. This luxurious Black and Round Hamper features the Calligraphic Allure and The Bedouin Legacy gift boxes with premier stuffed dates and chocolate-dipped dates, complemented by a moist Date Cake and traditional maamoul. It also includes gourmet nut jars, Date Dibs, natural sweetener, and aromatic Emirati Original coffee. Perfect for special occasions, this hamper is a celebration of the rich flavors and traditions of the UAE, making it an ideal choice for those who seek the ultimate in taste and sophistication.

  • The Date Room Cake AED45.00

    Indulge in the rich and moist flavors of our top-selling The Date Room Cake, a freshly baked delight that perfectly encapsulates the natural sweetness and luxurious texture of dates. Ideal for daily treats, special occasions, or as a unique gift, this date cake is a testament to our dedication to quality and the art of baking. Each slice offers a taste of tradition blended with modern culinary craftsmanship, making it a must-try for anyone who appreciates fine, natural ingredients and exquisite flavors.

  • The Date Room Maamoul AED25.00AED80.00

    Delight in the luxurious and healthful flavors of The Date Room Maamoul, our modern take on the traditional Maamoul Cookie. Crafted with the finest Emirati Dates and baked to perfection by our master bakers, these vegan cookies are free from added sugar and preservatives. Each bite offers a premium taste experience, combining the natural sweetness of dates with the sophistication of artisanal baking. Perfect for discerning palates seeking a refined, guilt-free indulgence, our Maamoul Cookies are a testament to the elegance and richness of Middle Eastern culinary art.

  • The Royal Rectangular Box – Al Ghadeer Edition AED170.00

    Experience the elegance of Emirati heritage with “The Royal Rectangular Box – Al Ghadeer Edition.” Adorned with a hand-painted Emirati Almerya necklace, this box represents a partnership with Al Ghadeer Emirati Crafts, supporting the empowerment of underprivileged women. It’s not only a symbol of luxury and tradition but also a testament to social responsibility and health. To learn more about this meaningful collaboration, visit Al Ghadeer Emirati Crafts.

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