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Al Seef Gift Box Collection


The “Al Seef Gift Box” is an exquisite representation of luxury and innovation, inspired by the vibrant coastal heritage of the UAE. This unique box features a striking geometric design and an innovative opening mechanism that mirrors the undulating lines of the coastline. Available with a selection of Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates, the Al Seef Gift Box is a perfect gift for any occasion, encapsulating the elegance and cultural richness of the Emirates.

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Introducing the “Al Seef Gift Box,” an embodiment of modern elegance and traditional inspiration, crafted to reflect the UAE’s storied maritime heritage. Named after the picturesque coastal areas, Al Seef, this box captures the essence of the sea’s beauty and the historical significance of the coastline in Emirati culture. The Al Seef area is known for its harmonious blend of the past and the present, much like this luxurious gift box.

The Al Seef Gift Box stands out with its intricate geometric design, reminiscent of the patterns seen in traditional Emirati architecture and the flowing lines of the shoreline. The innovative opening mechanism, with its folding panels, is not just functional but also adds an element of surprise and delight, much like the unexpected treasures found along the seashore.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Al Seef Gift Box is available in a range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you choose Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates, each offering promises a delightful taste experience, perfectly complementing the visual elegance of the box.

The Al Seef Gift Box is more than just a container; it is a celebration of the UAE’s rich maritime heritage and a nod to the beauty of its coastal landscapes. It makes for an exceptional gift, ideal for loved ones or as a personal treat, symbolizing luxury, tradition, and the natural beauty of the Emirates.

Meaning of the Al Seef Gift Box Collection

Al Seef, translating to “the coastline” in Arabic, holds a significant place in Emirati culture and history. The coastal areas of the UAE, particularly along the Arabian Gulf, have been vital for trade, fishing, and pearl diving for centuries. The Al Seef region, specifically, has seen a resurgence as a cultural and historical landmark, blending traditional architecture with modern design.

The geometric design of the Al Seef Gift Box echoes the traditional patterns seen in Emirati structures, while the innovative opening reflects the progressive spirit of the UAE. This blend of old and new makes the Al Seef Gift Box a perfect representation of the region’s enduring legacy and contemporary elegance.

The intricate patterns on the box are inspired by the lines and shapes found in traditional Emirati art and architecture, often seen in coastal towns. The unique opening mechanism symbolizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the coastline, where the land meets the sea in a dance of constant change and renewal.

The Al Seef Gift Box is a tribute to the UAE’s coastal heritage, embodying the spirit of exploration, trade, and cultural exchange that has defined the region for centuries. It is a gift that tells a story, making it not just a present but a piece of history and culture.

Box sizes and capacity

Medium: Box size: 24x13CM. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 290 g, Stuffed Dates: 306 g, Choco Dates: 335 g

Net Weight: 300g – 365g
Price Excludes VAT

Additional information

Box Content

Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

Box Size


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Al Seef Gift Box Collection


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