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Al Bait Gift Box Collection


The “Al Bait Gift Box Collection” stands out with its intricate black and gold patterns, inspired by the traditional designs of Bait Al Shaar tents and carpets. This collection offers a selection of Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates, making it a versatile and meaningful gift. Al Bait symbolizes the warmth and hospitality of Emirati heritage, making it perfect for those who appreciate culture and tradition.

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Introducing the “Al Bait Gift Box Collection,” a tribute to the traditional Bait Al Shaar, the iconic tents of the Arabian Peninsula. This collection features a striking black and gold pattern, reminiscent of the intricate designs found in traditional Emirati tents and carpets. The Al Bait box is not just a gift; it is a piece of cultural history, encapsulated in a modern, elegant form.

The box’s design is a nod to the timeless patterns that have adorned Emirati tents and living spaces for generations. The detailed textures and rich colors reflect the artistry and craftsmanship of the region, making this box a unique and meaningful gift choice.

Inside, the Al Bait Gift Box offers a delightful choice of contents, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. You can choose from Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates, each variant promising a different sensory journey. The Plain Dates are a nod to simplicity and natural sweetness, the Stuffed Dates offer a fusion of flavors, and the Chocolate Dates are a luxurious treat, blending tradition with indulgence.

The Al Bait Gift Box is a versatile gift, perfect for any occasion, reflecting the giver’s impeccable taste and consideration. It’s not just about giving a gift; it’s about imparting a piece of the UAE’s soul and heritage.

Meaning of the Al Bait Gift Box Collection Name

The “Al Bait” Gift Box Collection is named after “Bait Al Shaar,” the traditional tents used in the Gulf region, also known as “Khaimah” in the UAE. These tents were central to the nomadic lifestyle, providing shelter and a sense of home. The patterns on the Al Bait box are inspired by the designs found on these tents and other traditional items like carpets, symbolizing the warmth, hospitality, and rich cultural heritage of the Emirati people. The Al Bait Gift Box Collection celebrates these traditions, offering a glimpse into the historical and cultural significance of Bait Al Shaar. This collection is a tribute to the resilience and adaptability of the Emirati way of life, preserving the essence of their nomadic heritage.

Box sizes and capacity
Large: Box size: 27X14 CM. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 350g, Stuffed Dates: 350g, Chocolate Dates: 425g
Net Weight: 350g – 425g
Price Excludes VAT

Additional information

Box Content

Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

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Al Bait Gift Box Collection


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