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Al Aazi Gift Box Collection


The “Al Aazi Gift Box Collection” embodies the rich cultural heritage of the UAE, inspired by the traditional art form of Al Aazi, where poets recite poems of pride and valor. This luxurious dark maroon box with a crocodile leather-like texture is perfect for presenting a selection of Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates. Ideal for any occasion, the Al Aazi Gift Box Collection offers a blend of tradition and elegance, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones.

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Introducing the “Al Aazi Gift Box Collection,” a tribute to the traditional Emirati art form of Al Aazi. This elegant gift box, with its luxurious dark maroon hue and crocodile leather-like texture, captures the essence of heritage and sophistication. Al Aazi is a celebrated cultural expression in the UAE, where poets with captivating voices recite poems that echo pride and valor, forming a circle of unity and tradition.

The Al Aazi Gift Box Collection is more than just a container; it is a statement of cultural appreciation and refined taste. The design of the box, reminiscent of the intricate patterns of traditional Emirati artifacts, evokes a sense of timeless grace and dignity. Perfect for gifting, it offers a unique experience that transcends the ordinary.

Inside, the box provides a delightful assortment of Emirati delights, tailored to suit diverse preferences. Choose from Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates, each variety offering a journey through flavors and textures. The Plain Dates celebrate natural sweetness, the Stuffed Dates bring a fusion of rich flavors, and the Chocolate Dates offer an indulgent treat that marries tradition with luxury.

Whether for a special occasion or as a thoughtful gesture, the Al Aazi Gift Box Collection is a versatile gift that reflects the giver’s impeccable taste and appreciation for Emirati culture. It is not just a gift; it is a piece of the UAE’s soul and heritage, beautifully packaged to convey a message of pride and elegance.

Meaning of the Name: Al Aazi is a traditional art form celebrated in the UAE and the Gulf region. It involves a gathering where participants form a circle, and a central poet, known as the “Aazi,” recites poems of pride and valor. The poet’s captivating voice and the rhythmic recitation of different verses create a powerful expression of cultural pride. The Al Aazi Gift Box Collection draws inspiration from this rich cultural practice, embodying the spirit of unity, tradition, and eloquence.

Box sizes and capacity

Small:  Box size: 25×6 cm. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 215 g, Stuffed Dates: 126 g, Choco Dates: 286 g
Large: Box size . Approx. weight: Plain Dates: 450g, Stuffed Dates:488g, Choco Dates: 542g

Net Weight: 122g – 565g
Price Excludes VAT

Additional information

Box Size

Large, Rectangular

Box Content

Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

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Al Aazi Gift Box Collection


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