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The Vivid


The Vivid, with its striking black and white texture and unique opening, offers a modern and sophisticated way to enjoy dates. This box, customizable with Plain, Stuffed, or Chocolate Dates, is not just a culinary delight but a statement of contemporary design. Perfect for those who value innovation and style, The Vivid is an ideal choice for a distinctive and memorable gift, combining the health benefits of dates with a modern, artistic flair.

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    The Vivid


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    Introducing The Vivid, a striking and modern addition to the luxury date market. This box stands out with its bold black and white texture, embodying a contemporary and stylish aesthetic that appeals to the modern connoisseur. The contrast of black and white not only makes a visual statement but also symbolizes the blend of tradition and modernity, a characteristic feature of the UAE’s evolving culture.

    What sets The Vivid apart is its unique opening mechanism, which reflects a commitment to innovation and design. This feature adds an element of surprise and delight, enhancing the overall experience of uncovering the treasures within. Inside, you have the choice to fill the box with a selection of Plain Dates, Stuffed Dates, or Chocolate Dates. Each type of date offers a different taste experience: the Plain Dates are a testament to natural sweetness, the Stuffed Dates are a fusion of flavors and textures, and the Chocolate Dates are a luxurious indulgence.

    The Vivid is more than just a container for dates; it’s a statement piece that captures the essence of modern luxury. Ideal for those who appreciate cutting-edge design and quality, this box is perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment, offering a unique and memorable way to experience the rich, healthful benefits of dates.

    Box sizes and capacity 

    Medium: Box size: 24x13CM. Approx. content weight: Plain Dates: 300 g, Stuffed Dates: 305 g, Choco Dates: 365 g

    Net Weight: 300g – 365g
    Price Excludes VAT

    Additional information

    Box Content

    Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

    Box Size


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