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Ramadan Golden Oasis Collection


Discover the splendor of Ramadan with The Golden Oasis Collection, where the golden glow of tradition meets the allure of modern festivity. Available in Large, Medium, and sleek Rectangular sizes, this collection is a celebration of the holy month in every sense. Each box shines in golden brilliance, beckoning with Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates that promise a sensory delight. The Stuffed Dates offer a tapestry of flavors, while the Chocolate Dipped Dates are a nod to the luxury of the season. This collection is an invitation to a unique Ramadan experience, offering a slice of the desert’s golden beauty and the festive bounty of iftar.

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    Ramadan Golden Oasis Collection


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    Embark on a culinary voyage with The Golden Oasis Ramadan Collection, where the sacred essence of Ramadan is enshrined within a trove of golden luminosity. This collection is a testament to the month of reflection and a symbol of the festive generosity that characterizes this holy time. It emerges in three majestic sizes: Large, Medium, and a distinctive Rectangular edition, each crafted to honor the spirit of the season.

    The Large box is a grandiose banquet, a treasure chest that gleams with the richness of tradition and the glow of modernity. The Medium box, with its splendid proportions, balances opulence with intimacy, while the Rectangular box offers a sleek profile that speaks to the innovative spirit of the collection. Each box, swathed in a resplendent golden hue, echoes the warmth of the desert sun and the preciousness of water in a mirage-like oasis.

    Within these splendid confines lie assortments of Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates, each a jewel in its own right. The Stuffed Dates are a mosaic of flavors, filled with nuts and fruits that whisper tales of ancient caravans and spice-laden bazaars. The Chocolate Dipped Dates, veiled in silky chocolate, are a sublime merger of indulgence and nourishment, reminiscent of starlit nights and convivial gatherings around the iftar table.

    The Golden Oasis Ramadan Collection is not just a set of boxes but a constellation of culinary experiences, each illuminating the essence of Ramadan. It is a beacon of hospitality, inviting you to partake in the richness of the season and the timeless elegance of Emirati luxury.

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    Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

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    Large, Medium, Rectangular

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