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Ramadan Night Fall Collection


The Night Fall Collection encapsulates the essence of Ramadan nights with its stunning array of colors and flavors. The Large box is a vision in royal purple, the Medium in serene dark blue, and the Rectangular in delicate pink, each evoking the peace and splendor of the night. Inside, a treasure of Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates awaits, ready to delight the palate with a blend of tradition and luxury. The Night Fall Collection is a perfect companion to the reflective and festive nights of the holy month, inviting you to savor the flavor and the moment.

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    Ramadan Night Fall Collection


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    As dusk descends and the crescent moon takes its night watch, The Night Fall Collection emerges as a tribute to the tranquil beauty of Ramadan nights. In this exclusive assemblage, three sizes represent the collection: the Large in a deep purple hue, the Medium in dark blue, and the enchanting Rectangular in a soft pink, each a silhouette against the night sky.

    The Large box, in its majestic purple, symbolizes the royal tapestry of the night, a color rich with the depth of the evening sky. The Medium, cloaked in the serenity of dark blue, reflects the first inkling of nightfall, a moment of peace before the festivities begin. The Rectangular box, draped in a delicate pink, whispers of the promise of dawn, a subtle reminder of the cycle of day and night during the sacred month.

    Each box unfurls to reveal a bounty of Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Dates, a pairing as timeless as the night itself. The Stuffed Dates are a fusion of textures and flavors, filled with delicacies that pay homage to the culinary heritage of the region. The Chocolate Dipped Dates, enrobed in a luxurious chocolate coat, offer a hint of decadence, a perfect balance to the natural sweetness of the dates.

    The Night Fall Collection is more than an array of delicacies; it is an experience that captures the solemnity and celebration of Ramadan nights. It is an invitation to indulge in the quiet moments of reflection and the joyous gatherings that these nights bring, all encapsulated within boxes that mirror the colors of the evening.

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    Chocolate Dipped Dates, Dates, Stuffed Dates

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    Large, Medium, Rectangular

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