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Our Farms and Dates

Our farms

Al-Ain, known as the Oasis City of the UAE is very well known for its lavish greenery, mainly palm trees. The city hosts several ancient oases where the concentration of planting and farming of palm trees for hundreds of years is still very well practiced by the locals and even expanding to every single home in Al Ain, which has a large number of palm trees for beautification and home source of healthy date to consume.

Gratitude goes to the Abu Dhabi government for preserving and protecting those historically Date Palm Oasis for generations to come by converting those spots into a touristic destination where people read

about the past to appreciate the support these blessed trees had given to our ancestors and to generation to come. UNESCO has recognized those oases as World Heritage Preserved sites.

We harvest and produce our notable dates from our own farms, mainly in Al Ain, where we concentrate on providing the Palm trees with the highest care to grow and produce varieties of tasteful and healthy flavored dates.

Not only are they tasty with butter-caramel flavor, but they are also a good source of minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber. They come with Golden brown smooth skin and melt warmly in the mouth. No wonder they are considered as one of the highest and much sought-after dates in the market. If you’ve not tasted these dates, you’re probably missing a lot!

Described by some consumers as the real deal! Fard is a well-framed structured date type with dark maroon-red skin. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus et cetera. They contain no fat and are free from cholesterol. Adding small daily quantities to your meal will help in your weight loss endeavors.

Characterized by luxurious and distinctive qualities, Lulu is dark brown with a juicy texture and rounded shape. It is highly demanded as people wait anxiously because it comes in the middle of the harvesting seasons and also balanced in its sugar concentration. We deliver it fresh to retain its proteinase composition which helps consumers to look fit

This date can be taken as a substitute for snacks because of its natural sugar content like glucose, sucrose, and fructose. We deliver it fresh and free from preservatives and chemicals. It is mildly sweet and can relieve various causes of upset stomach.

A stout oval-shaped date that is lightweight, brown colored, sweet in taste, and rich in nutrients. It is perfect for snacking and is a good source of energy. Additionally, it helps keep the bones healthy because of its high content of manganese, copper, and selenium.

This is a medium-sized date that comes naturally with gorgeously delicious skin and a balanced flavor. If you have a taste of this date, you might not want to eat any other variety and it is low in obesity and diabetes-causing carbohydrates.