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Camel Milk and Saffron Chocolate Dipped Kholas Dates


Net Weight: 500g
One Box

Indulge in the exotic and luxurious with our Camel Milk and Saffron Chocolate Dipped Kholas Dates, a top-selling delight that combines single-origin chocolate with creamy camel milk and aromatic saffron. These hand-picked Emirati Kholas Dates, known for their rich caramel sweetness, are enrobed in this unique chocolate blend, creating an indulgent treat that is both sophisticated and unparalleled in flavor. Perfect for connoisseurs of fine, exotic tastes, this delicacy is a testament to the innovative and luxurious spirit of Middle Eastern culinary tradition.

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    Camel Milk and Saffron Chocolate Dipped Kholas Dates


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    Experience an unparalleled fusion of flavors with our Camel Milk and Saffron Chocolate Dipped Kholas Dates, a top seller and a culinary masterpiece that is a testament to the innovation of Emirati gastronomy. This exceptional recipe brings together the unique richness of single-origin chocolate blended with the creamy, nuanced taste of camel milk and the exotic, aromatic allure of saffron.

    Each of these luxurious treats starts with our hand-picked Kholas Emirati Dates, chosen for their luscious golden-brown skin and deep, caramel-like sweetness. These dates are then dipped in our specially crafted chocolate mix, which harmoniously blends the velvety texture of camel milk chocolate with the subtle, yet distinct flavor of saffron. This chocolate coating not only adds a layer of indulgent creaminess but also infuses each date with an exquisite, complex flavor profile.

    Our Camel Milk and Saffron Chocolate Dipped Kholas Dates are more than just a confection; they are a celebration of heritage and sophistication. Each bite offers a journey through the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern flavors, delivering a sensory experience that is both unique and deeply satisfying.

    Perfect for those who seek to explore the finer and more exotic aspects of gourmet snacking, these dates are ideal as a luxurious gift, a special treat for gatherings, or a personal indulgence. They are not just a product but a must-try delicacy that embodies the essence of luxury and culinary excellence.

    Net Weight: 500g
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