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About us

The Story

The Date Room is an Emirati brand founded in 2018 by a seasoned Emirati entrepreneur who and his family owns and cares for Date farms all around the UAE. These farms they inherited from their parents and grandparents; always had personal care. These farms produced super-quality dates, served on their family tables for generations with every meal and occasion. These dates always drew a smile to someone's face, whether the kids who liked the sweetness of the fruit or the mother who needed a good taste with the health benefits that came with it. Dates were never considered a snack to this family or the whole country and region. These fruits are a part of life and culture. At The Date Room, We prepare this unique fruit and serve it to you, your family, and your loved ones, each piece carrying a unique story and a cultural experience. Like a handmade Swiss watch, every piece gets extreme care even before it flowers.


Our Philosophy

At The Date Room, we do not sell dates or chocolates or beautiful boxes; we sell a family heritage. We made a whole culture available in the form of a delicacy. We designed every piece, box, and product to be a part of the story that will put you in an intimate relationship with the vibrant culture of the UAE.

Our Cafe

We've developed and launched The Date Room Cafe to widen your experience beyond our dates and gourmet products. Our carefully designed food and beverage items and the overall ambiance and service are the true exceptional journey we strive to take you on.

Our Retail

Within our Cafe, we've integrated a vibrant display of a great variety of our gourmet products, mainly our hero products, which are based on our own Emirati Dates, then the great line of class-a products for you, your home, and loved ones.