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The Emirati Date Fardh, A stout oval-shaped date that is lightweight, brown-colored, sweet in taste, and rich in nutrients. It is perfect for snacking and is a good source of energy. Additionally, it helps keep the bones healthy because of its high content of manganese, copper, and selenium.

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The Emirati Date Khadrawi, Described by some consumers as the real deal! Fard is a well-framed structured date type with dark maroon-red skin. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus et cetera. They contain no fat and are free from cholesterol. Adding small daily quantities to your meal will help in your weight loss endeavors.

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As we prepare and pack every box by hand, we pay extra attention to the little details that will make any of our products the complete experience we promised you.
Inside each box, we have placed a Thank You card; the card will explain where these dates came from and how you should care for them. Then each box is sealed and decorated with our premium ribbon and placed in the craft paper bag alongside the free-of-charge customized card if you've asked for one.


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