True Emirati Gifts for your clients, guests,
and employees This Ramadan

A Wide selection of bespoke, customized gifts and products to present you and your organization this Ramadan and all occasions in a meaningful new way

Gift boxes

Gift boxes in various sizes, materials, and finish, all our boxes can be customized with your branding. We can also build any kind of packaging to meet your needs.




We've designed and introduced different kinds of trays in various shapes and levels, all to our luxury standards yet they meet all kinds of corporate and gifting needs, besides the ready designs, we can cater to your requirements in terms of size, shape, and content.





We farm our dates, we only sell Emirati Dates. It's in our core business strategy to promote and support the UAE culture and heritage via our main products of Dates, What we farm and produce is nothing but grade A organic dates that we've handpicked from our own farms, then followed a very strict standard cleaning, segregating then produce them to be sold as plain, stuffed, dipped or even made into other products like jam, cake, paste...etc





The art of chocolate crafting compliments our main product perfectly, for that we've taken extra steps to craft super quality chocolates with very unique flavors that meets every single taste out there, our chocolates can be sold in KG or in gift boxes, besides our 30+ flavors, we do cater to special requests.




Baked items

We've incorporated our main products and our experience to produce quality baked items, most of which are a modern take on traditional products, our baked items are perfect for gift boxes, catering, mini bars or small give aways, besides what we already have, we do cater to special requests.




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