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Chocolate Bonbons with Almond Biscuit Filling


Net Weight: 500g
One Box

Indulge in our Chocolate Bonbons with Almond Biscuit Filling, inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the UAE and the Middle East. Featuring a delightful blend of almond-coated cinnamon, dark chocolate, and crushed biscuits, these bonbons are crafted with premium single-origin French chocolate, reflecting the heritage and flavors of the region.

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Experience the luxurious fusion of flavors with our Chocolate Bonbons with Almond Biscuit Filling, a creation deeply inspired by the rich tapestry of Emirati and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. At The Date Room, an Emirati company, we take pride in using our special blend of dark and milk chocolate, crafted from premium single-origin French chocolate, to create an unforgettable indulgence that honors our cultural heritage.

Each bonbon is meticulously crafted, beginning with a rich almond-coated cinnamon filling, echoing the beloved flavors found in Emirati and Middle Eastern cuisine. This exquisite core is then enveloped in smooth dark chocolate and accented with the satisfying crunch of crushed biscuits. The result is a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that celebrates the timeless art of fine confectionery and the diverse tastes of our region.

Our Chocolate Bonbons with Almond Biscuit Filling are more than just a treat; they are a journey into the heart of culinary elegance, inspired by the traditions and flavors of the UAE and the wider Middle East. Perfect for personal enjoyment or as a sophisticated gift, these bonbons embody the essence of luxury and tradition, making every moment a special occasion.

Net weight 500G

Standard Packaging: 500G, Packed in 1 Boxes.

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Chocolate Bonbons with Almond Biscuit Filling


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